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29.11.2022: AGPB AWARD 2022

On November 30, 2022, the 14 Austrian Green Planet Building Awards of the year 2022 will be presented in front of a selected audience of experts. The recently completed renovation with supplementary new building of the Austrian social insurance association offers a particularly successful setting and is one of the lighthouse projects for sustainable building in Austria!

15.1.2021: AGPB AWARDS IN SUMMER 2021?

As it is currently not possible to think of an AGPB awards event with numerous guests from Austria and abroad, the AGPB Gala planned for March 2021 has been postponed until further notice. We assume that it will be easier to hold such events again from the summer of 2021. Regardless of this, projects for the award can already be prepared and submitted now. Interested project sponsors, architectural firms and consultants always have the opportunity to submit their projects. Please contact the AGPB office! The best way is via direct contact.

1.6.2020: Due to COVID-19 the next AGPB Awards are postponed to 2021.

Originally planned in May 2020, meanwhile postponed to September 2020, the decision has now been made to hold the next award gala as part of the Future of Building 2021. The gala will take place in March 2021 in Vienna.
Regardless of this, projects can already be submitted. Interested project owners, architects and consultants have the possibility to submit their projects. Please contact the AGPB office!

20.10.2019: AGPB Awards 2020 announced.

The next official Award Ceremony of the Austrian Green Planet Building Award® will take place as part of the "FUTURE OF BUILDING 2019" conference organised by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA on 26 May 2020. The call for projects is still open. Interested project ownwers, architects and/or consultants still have the possibility to submit their projects. The AGPB Awards are intended for companies from Austria that have built high-quality buildings abroad with high standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. The quality criteria of the AGPB Award System must be fulfilled. In case of interest please contact the AGPB office!

4.6.2019: AGPB Awards 2019.

The Award Ceremony of the Austrian Green Planet Building Awards 2019 was a crowded event. As in the previous year, the awards for high-quality construction and planning services by Austrian companies abroad were presented at the evening event of the Future of Building Conference of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA. Around 300 construction experts and company representatives from more than 60 countries crowded around the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna on 4 June 2019. A huge success both for the Future of Buildings Conference of the WKO and for the AGPB Award. All projects honored at the Future of Buildings 2019 can be found here!


The next official award ceremony for the Austrian Green Planet Building® will take place as part of the evening event of the "FUTURE OF BUILDINGS 2019" conference organised by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA on 4 June 2019. The award ceremony for the already established buildings will be held by high-ranking government representatives, and around 300 guests from Austria and abroad are expected to attend.

30.3.2019: AGPB Secretariat established

Following a public procurement procedure, the organisation and establishment of a secretariat for Austrian Green Planet Building began. The contract and thus the support of the AGPB secretariat was awarded to pulswerk GmbH with office in 1070 Vienna, Seidengasse 13. Robert Lechner, Managing Director of pulswerk GmbH: "We are of course very pleased that we were selected for this ambitious project. The joint patronage of BMNT, BMVIT and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is a solid basis for the international recognition of construction services from Austria in the field of energy-efficient, sustainable buildings". In the coming weeks and months, the main focus will be on establishing the communication channels and advisory services of the AGPB secretariat. And until the next award ceremony at the beginning of June 2019, particularly high-quality buildings for the next AGPB Awards have to be found and documented.

8.5.2018: Public Presentation of AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING

On May 8, 2018, the new umbrella brand for sustainable construction of Austrian companies abroad will be presented to the public for the first time by the BMVIT, BMNT and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA. The first AGPB Awards will be presented by Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, Federal Minister Norbert Hofer, Vice-President WKO Ulrike Rabner-Koller and Deputy Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, Patrick Sagmeister. The framework for the award ceremony will be defined by the International Construction Congress "Future of Building 2018" in Vienna, which will take place for the fifth time on 8 and 9 May 2018. The congress organizer and thus also the host for the evening event is ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

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