Austrian Green Planet Building

Green Planet Building

AGPB Awards 2023

All buildings awarded with the AGPB Award and the AGPB Technology Award in 2023 were presented on 19 September together with their "Viennese colleagues" awarded by klimaaktiv and ÖGNB at the event "Darauf bauen wir: Sanierung und klimafitte Gebäude für die Zukunft!" The Austrian companies involved received their certificates in the presence of Federal Minister of Climate Action Leonore Gewessler, City Councillor Jürgen Czernohorsky and embassy representatives from Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.
Once again, we congratulate all the award winners!
And we are already looking forward to new buildings: AGPB awards the know-how of Austrian companies applied worldwide: This is how sustainable building "Made in Austria" works!
You can find the press release of the Federal Ministry of Climate Action here. Photos in print quality can be downloaded here.

L1ve - Grande Armée, Paris, FRA

Accents in bronze and concrete define the reinterpretation of the façade of the former Peugeot headquarters, which is now an architecturally impressive as well as energy-efficient prime example of re-use and recycling of building materials in the sense of the circular economy.

TUM Campus, Munich, GER

The concise wooden building with a short assembly time blends brightly and lightly into the listed Olympic Park. In addition to district heating, groundwater is used as a source of heat and cooling.

markas Headquarter, Bolzano, ITA

The markas headquarters uses over 1,800 new plants as climate regulators and offers flexibility in its open-office concept with plenty of daylight, free space to work as well as relax and fresh air quality through cleverly used green space.

AGPB Technology Awards 2023

Stadshus Växjö, Växjö, SWE

In the new Stadshus, wood plays a supporting role in the truest sense of the word. The town hall of the "greenest city in Europe" also houses the railway station and combines mobility, public spaces and modern and appealing workplaces.

Macallan Whisky Distillery, Easter Elchies, Scotland, GBR

The Macallan distillery has a truly unique green wooden roof structure in the hills of Scotland: none of the 380,000 individual components are alike.

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